Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Head for a Catastrophe

What hell are you going to make |\/|E go through?

Can't you at least be nice and considerate?
Are you that blind to not see it in your minds' eye?
What more do you need before | die?
How long more before you realize?
Do you hear |\/|Y pleas when | plead?
Will you take a hint and heed?
How long can | carry on?

{when in you | can't rely on...}

[{you do not even bother to care about |\/|E}]

{|'m crying day and night...}
{the gallows awaits |\/|E...}
{| only have a lightyear...}
{you may never ever see |\/|E...}
{| have everything to fear...}
{don't procrastinate...}
{before everything is too late...}
{| can only bid you goodbye...}

...then -

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