Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pleasingly Satisfying

Valentines this annual occasion on the moonlit night

A pleasant time a reason to recede from its light

Lovingly the emotions divulge hasten by tide

Eternally this feels embracing side by side

Nevertheless landing three kisses on the left cheek

The first for a lifetime, kinky yet seems meek

Intangible this moment, a dream seems too true

Niggling such acts, trusting one to be true blue

Efficacious with arms round the waist gentle does it

Silhouetting exquisite curves of loves ideal fit

Two souls under one roof in the nights’ shades

Zeroing passerby’s, focusing more to the shapes

Zeroing limelights, adhering more to the heart

Six foot way’s not going to sojourn bodily counterpart.

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