Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Positive and Negative

The rain keeps pouring day and night

The sun is nowhere to be within sight;

And the daily activities prolong,

The stalkers sneak on by the lonesome lane

The people jaywalking thinking they’re sane;

And the cases ensues all daylong,

The unacquainted sees a matter big

The psychoanalyst draws it to figure a fig;

And the cohabitant sways along,

The player in a win-win situation

The loser in a win-lose combination;

And the loser amongst the throng,

The selfish with a mockingly attitude

The selfless without being insolently crude;

And the spewing hatreds’ a weeklong,

The foulmouthed reek with such enzyme

The assonances are a pseudonym of Lyme;

And this rhyme differs nothing an evensong.

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