Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Time’s Faint

A timeless preposition:

Reminiscing laughter’s

Of a cool combination,

As the time drifters,

Away, in time in submission;

Would you rather prefer,

Allocating? Such recollection,

Of the intimate chauffer?

`tis a pointless opposition.

Don’t, chase it after

Or bother; to mention:

Never ever falter.

To come, be admonition

Of the still water,

Crocs – lurk in fusion

This world, fully martyrs.

Don’t, fall for depression

Neither; should you palter,

Wasting, your rendition

And loose? The glitter

That shines – your question?

Let them be. Later,

Have a carefree expectation,

My god sis: doctor.

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