Saturday, September 6, 2008

The World Out There

Be careful of what you wish for

You might get more than you desire

And by that time, your world dies

To all that you got, they make you tire

To what benefit, a pointless effort;

Chasing after the wind, meaningless

The decaying monsters all around

Craving for meat to reel their hunger

Of flesh and tasting of pleasures

Ensnaring you, no room to hold back,

Never too will they stop coming

Pounding and lashing in their best

Deceiving the purest to execrable pain,

Of course, pain is felt later in vain

Changing your perspectives in life

Altering you to monstrous habitual

For too much exposure and influence

Ruins the purest into the world;

Disheartening such requests of yours

Mars the core inside to mourn

Disdaining what concern is actually for

And what good is to be of the world

Than be out of this world, a sprite

The world limits to such thinking

Critically contradicting with dreams

No amount of riches or status obtained

Rather, be added and be pertained

The more you see in the world

The deeper you might fall into

Leaving me to see you fall

Besieges my soul, shoots my mind

That I would allow that option

Letting loose even with that notion

History repeating in itself

With no mercy, grace or compassion

A separation of no intimacy deem

To be the worst solution ever made

Stretching the soul, partakes the mind

Just for a period saying nevermind

You’ll soon grow into an extraterrestrial

Memories right before you, useless

Hints and messages right before you

Giving them another period of time

The doubting Thomas, a cynic in you

Seeing this with no child-like faith

“Is there a plank in mine instead?”

Do not ask of the world, too much

Too dangerous for you, too vast

Too torrid its effect will ever be

Causing rains to pour upon this land

Rolling down the streams naturally

My source of intimacy barred

Inducing effects stray you overtime

The world leaves no one untouched

And worldly it will cause to harm

So put on the breast plates and sword

It’ll be your source of protection

If not from the one treading lone

Caution, flatters come easily

Flatteries multiplies kisses ordained

The decaying monsters in lavishing

Clothed in splendid fine garments

Looking the gorgeous ever even met

Seducers, perfect techniques too

Pessimistic thoughts all for reason

The world has nothing good in offer

There are sick peoples all around

They make you think like them

Hence be prepared then mentally

Optimistic is not in reality

Risks and possibilities always exist

And for love so true, it always protects.

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