Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our Journey

"As I called out her name,

she turned and her hair let be,
breezily swinging the other side,
full body now facing at me.

She simply smiled in reply;
O so sweetly it melts my heart,
I was stricken, I just said "Hi!",
and the conversation slowly start.

And as we walk down memory lane,
I told her everything being in mind;
from the dawning I first woke up
till the hour of sleep I could find.

She knows how irregularly I sleep,
and how my life entwines writing,
being involved in sweaty activities,
and my time spent on outgoing.

All the while I'll be storying her,
I don't force her to be doing the same
because I tell her for I want her to know
that I'm not playing her in my this game.

Surely somehow she will find out
of my innermost compassion untold;
the time will soon come one fine day,
unexpectedly, as our lives we now mold."

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