Saturday, October 3, 2009

Goodbye My Sweet Dandelion

Letters of sadness,
tears of sorrow
no longer relevant,
no longer hollow.

Once united,
so closely they knit,
a glowing beauty,
a sight brightly lit.

This brick wall,
slowly corroded
togetherness dies,
as departure applauded.

Bended knees cry,
drowned cheeks asks why,
some ears turn deaf,
some hearts just left.

Goodbye sweet dandelion,
find your true path,
gently sway, you float away
during our last dance.



Anonymous said...

*big wide smile*

lyme said...

haha im glad u liked it,
was afraid to make much changes - trying to maintain the mood of the sentence ^^

Anonymous said...

i'm gushing over the fact that someone is featuring my (grammatically enhanced) poem! thanks clement this is really sweet of you :)

lyme said...

ahhhh... no sweat larh
i just find it an interesting write thus added a little touch of mine that's all ^^
and you're most welcome, pleasure's all mine muahahahaha