Thursday, December 24, 2009

Solituding Knot

Like upon the breeze by the beach,

billowing upon my face so tender,
its sweetness, love I breathe
of lavender scent, an essence strong,
stirring my desires, one can not forlorn;
breathe now within me, inside,
feel.. deep down of its might.

In its complexion, a radiant being,
smoothly as silk as a touch caressed,
this fuzzy a feel, a resonating feeling,
I see cherubs in the hearts of man,
and now having cheered, joyfully one sang;
I rule no measure, the words I might fathom,
of ever expressing, my repressed sanctum.


Wendee said...

woah this is good dude ^^

Lyme disease said...

>.< hehe thanks glad u found it an interesting one, i like it myself