Saturday, September 6, 2008

23 And 25

Slowly, slowly, my steps lead up to glory

Holy, holy, the sun’s going down slowly

Step by step, we tread this hill together

Conquering, we totter down cautiously

January the first month of the year

A recollection of the panting dear


The issues, we issue with utter care

Your heart, break it with utmost dare

Pusillanimously shall I oblige thee

Chickening my way, hanging by the snare

Pouring my entire heart out with glee

Marrying, the matters within me oversee;


Oh wow! How depress it sticks me in

So very dumbfounded, a resonating din

Disgusted, blasted with my own mind

Repentant, regretfully my life has sin

But slowly, lowly it just fades behind

Reclaiming my glory, something you help find


The jamming, sounds jamming like metal

Uplifted, with hugs, kisses and loves’ petal

As flesh’s fusion, a union signifying unity

Speechless once again as loves’ fatal

With understanding, the mutual is witty

The panting dear, I'm struck down in humility.

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