Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Fair-real Tale

It was by-far surreal;

I gave in to delicate compassion

I gave none though to oppression

Only came down to dreary depression

Under such a commission:

To space further into dimension

Hoping faithfully for a fusion;

Perhaps a big bang of collision

To have a prominent liaison:

This is my defined version.

This is my sorrowed confession:

I suffer from a frenzied confusion

Caused by an unexpected concussion

Mentally it’s just an abrasion…

I was led by sweet persuasion,

For then I have none a mission

Never to bother of an admission

I don’t care either about permission

For it’s my natural profession;

An ultimatum for green passion

(You have the right for rescission)

I’m capable of handling my envision

I rest in awe of my impulsion

Its raw energy is never a submission

(You can faction me to a subdivision)

The catalyst of my raw suspension

Lies on the daily acts of your aggression

From your soured bitter expression

To the stupefying intangible decision

Not once but on every other occasion

Is what gave me this geared transmission

Though I’m downcast from my conclusion

But my comprehension’s my best possession

I’ll just settle dying watching the television.

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