Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Process OF Justificationizing

Let the dairies graze unbeknown

The prairies let them be oblivious

All the hares hopping credulously

Figs and sprouts inversely swell

The rising and setting of the moon,


Let them all kill time unaided

Let them all run its race

Let them all live acquiescently

Let them all have an unsound mind

Let them all tread with ease,


Let them all die…


Let them forget its course,

Let them forget its purpose,

Let them forget its focus,

Let them forget its ruckus,

Let them forget its earth,


The way they were made to believe,

Gaudily exposing itself to predators

Constructively scraping along horizons

Eagles and vultures are airing on high

Allowing the final to singe the earth,


Take it along by nature, it will be better

The rivers will soon start to dry up

The grazers in a bloodied bath,

They all will feel the pain reduced

Best if the sun lies to the earth.

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