Saturday, September 6, 2008


What can man do to you;

When they think of you as a fool?

When they wanna step on you like a stool?

When they wanna cause grievous impair?

When they only give you despair?

When they selfishly decide for their own benefit?

When they arrogantly despise you to be unfit?

When they heed not your wistful thoughts?

When they drone on boastfully what they bought?

When they so happen to have a gun at point blank?

When they start rating you by rank?

When they hold a scythe like a grim reaper?

When they wanna harvest your soul with a cleaver?


All you can do is pray,

Or would you lash out your minds’ say?

And perhaps make them disburse?

Pressurize their guilty gut to immerse?

All you can do is pray,

You’d probably dissolute their trifling bay?

Give none to a chance of charity?

Bless not a taste of pure prosperity?

All you can do is pray,

Maybe give them a chance before you slay?

Possibly brainwash their dirt-filled brains?

Pour in detergent, acidic substance to remove stains?

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