Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Impetuous Tutor

I can’t possibly flunk my papers…

Those people are lamers!

Why should I work myself up for it?

No time to lie around and sit,

Watch the T.V. or hang out

Face the sea and let out a shout.

The intensity is like the setting sun

Always upsetting, crippling one to run

I wanna pace at my own ability

Why force things in, raping the fragility?

Oh don’t show me those gloried links,

Masters or PhD, your mentality stinks;

They don’t mean a dime if you can’t convey

Cease the lying. Don’t be so gay.

You’re wasting your time!

If not, then mine…

Lo and behold, certs make you high and mighty?

Hi and low, its authenticity is rather shifty...

Personally, I think you’re pretty shitty

The greatest Pretender consequently




Why would you want to lie by hand?

Being cheerful and blissful, so grand

Banking dissatisfaction, gossiping queen

Wonder how if I’d ask “How have you been?”

You’ll probably stutter grounded like a tree

Showing such constrained smile like a bee,

Keep it instead; don’t show such a hideous face

Those fangs won’t make you the killer Ace

Sigh, you need reprogramming gravely

I'll need tweaking and adjusting consecutively.

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