Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Rock Spurned...

It is an atrocious passageway…
Knowing such a dreadful setback would incur

Nevertheless undergoing all circumstances

Oppression, depression, giving submission,

Wondrous yet His heart, mind and soul...
Hokum was divided amongst a crowd
Ostentation and rebarbative filled the air
Whimpers heard from a long end…

These blinded fools, never without disbelief

Hem and hawing, provocatively procrastinating,

Eve wouldn’t even come to ply her muddle…

Phagocyte was the sacrilege for a thousand years

Accentuating the curses lifted from within

Indescribably the most precious gift of Him dear,

Nihilistic presence brought forth in present times…


Fervor to love before anyone even loved

Eliciting an innermost catacombs – risen

Enticing doubts and questions beyond science,

Love was the one and only reason it occurs;

Suffocating the fluctuating relativity of senses…

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